Personal Power from Biomass

Come and join the revolution!


The E3 generates heating, cooling, and electricity from biomass and waste products right where you need it. Today we supply electricity cheaper and cleaner then from the grid. From shipping the fuel to your door, to remote monitoring, to the removal of ash, we offer a turn-key solution in a renewable world.


E3 BY ENTRADE ENERGY is a new start-up company based in Palo Alto, California.

Our leading team of engineers were selected from agnion energy Inc., an international leading provider for industrial power systems.  We solve the ultimate challenge by providing cheap green electricity from biomass and waste products.


ENTRADE is a bioenergy Investment Company building containerized power systems from biomass. As a service provider, ENTRADE is a leading partner of the German Development agency and has successfully finished 24 government projects.


Leading Engineering, Market Access, and world-class Research and Development make personal power production a reality.


E3 the way to drastically reduce the cost of electricity, heating, and cooling.

What if technology can make the difference? Our technology changes peoples lives and moves us to a truly sustainable power infrastructure.


- Julien Uhlig, CEO -


We all strive for independence! The technical solutions are here today to power our life cheaper, more sustainable, and carbon neutral..

We can change lives all over the world by providing cheap power to businesses and fostering growth in some of the poorest regions on earth. Engineering "Made in Germany"/Designed in California-Together we can change the way we power the world!



Think of Biomass as a battery for solar energy. There are numerous plants that grow quickly without erosion. We have the expertise to handle complicated fuel sources by manufacturing our own fuel and solving many thermo-chemical issues in the feedstock preparation.

Turning solid biomass into electricity  on a small scale is a major technical effort...otherwise we would do it already.



Think of the E3 as the child of a smart-phone and a power plant. Many functions today can be done remotely. We can monitor your power system anywhere in the world. The system is completely software controlled; no more turning knobs or using lighter fluid. We offer a complete system integration with intelligent building management software. You will never generate more power then what you need.


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